Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Story!!!!!!!

One day the youngest of a cow family, Liya, was sitting on a bank waiting for her friend Sinia to come for tea. When Sinia came down the creek she was carrying a piece of seaweed in her beak. Even though Sinia was a goose and Liya was a cow they still loved cakes! As they sipped their tea Sinia said, tell me a story." But Liya said, "all the stories I can think of are boring." "Okay then I will tell a story" said Sinia "One day Munny was walking by a shed when a chicken came out of the shed, and said, "why munny its so nice to see you! You must come and have lunch with my family and me!" Munny said, "yes!" so they ate lunch happily!


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